what is jio coin ?

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what is jio coin ?

Reliance Jio is Planning to Develop its Own Cryptocurrency “Jio Coin”

The rising value of bitcoin is attracting thousands of investors in India. Even those people who don’t know about cryptocurrency is also started investing in Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple etc. to get more profit quickly. Now the Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio is planning to develop its cryptocurrency called Jio Coin. In this article, we will discuss Jio Coin ICO, How to Buy, Price, Launch Date etc. So, scroll down to know details.

Jio Coin Details

As per Livemint Report, The project is going to be led by Mukesh Ambani’s older son Akash Ambani with a 50-member staff (average age of 25 years of young professionals) in which they may perform on the blockchain technology needed for the currency. The blockchain is actually a digital ledger which stores information such as economic transactions on a cloud and not on actual servers, so it may be discussed and accessed in real time. The technology is simply mainly used for cryptocurrency, but Reliance Jio plans to use it for supply chain management logistics.

It is a cryptocurrency coin that is being prepared by Reliance Jio team in India. Its technology is on preparation as of now. A team of 50 members which is led by Anant Ambani is working Hard for JioCoin.

JIO Coin or JIOCoin it’s such as Bitcoin and operating the Block-chain Technology. Reliance Jio Introduce its own cryptocurrency’ JioCoin’. The 50 of Young user doing work on the use of JioCoin setup on Block chain Technology Network Chain.

The upcoming Big Project of Mukesh Ambani’s to create own Digital Currency or Cryptocurrency namely called JioCoin. Akash Ambani is actually JIOCoin team leader. We all of viewed growing on Bitcoin presently Bitcoin 2018 its very fantastic issues on cryptocurrency market.

Akash Ambani may be the leader of this new task. This is the best time for a cryptocurrency introduce as it was really seen ripple to reach the second spot in cryptocurrency ranking list. Ripple is a low-cost cryptocurrency so a new launch with similar price rates can also be expected to gain profit for the company. The reason behind’s ripple’s success is the investment of Asian countries with India having the most number of investors.

Now looking at all this and also the depend on Indian people have on Reliance Jio, Jio’s cryptocurrency may be required to be a success. Lots of people from India are not aware of Online money, so this specific may even be a chance for them to know how cryptocurrency performs and how it may be useful to them.

Jio Coin ICO Launch Date 

Presently, there is no formal date, but Livemint news portal has indeed verified regarding this new cryptocurrency. Any additional update about this specific are going to probably be provided on Jio’s official website jio.com. Also, relating to the platform for Jio coin, Tangle Technology or Blockchain is the given choices. As per some updates though, Blockchain is going to be Jio Coin’s official choice for the platform.

So in the latest press conference, it has actually been announced that Jio Coin is moving to launch and Jio Coin Launch Date will be entering soon and soon there may be launch of Jio coin where people can spend money on Jio coin and receive benefitted as same as Cryptocurrency other things and we are actually familiar with the fact that Crypto Market currency has been increased by 20000$ in the past over 2-3 months and expecting more to come. Jio, making the people surprise all the people with the offers and now with Jio coin low price before listing Jio Coin ICO price.

As I said to you above, Jio has not declared any thing on the coin formally, therefore we can not opinion on the launch date. In case any kind of updates arrive from Jio, it would be posted here, or you may also be ready to know by visiting official website Jio.com.

As per records From Unidentified Sources, JIO Coin ICO may be release in Mid February. We require to receive Official confirmation from Company Soon.

How to Buy Jio Coin in India

There is Getting Such as Numbers of wallets for Bitcoin buy/ sell india. The Most Famous wallets for buying/ selling bitcoins is Zebpay, unocoin, coindelta, Bittrex, Binance and Koinex.in is supplying Bitcoins, Ethreum, Rippple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin for buy/ sell in Rupees. As per the reports, JIO Coin may be sell from their official Myjio app or particular app in which may be develop by them for safety and security purpose.

Actually, Reliance Jio might introduce their cryptocurrency on JioMoney app in that you will certainly be allowed to buy Jio Coins Online using your wallet balance. Yet once few days, it might actually become offered for investment on popular exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Koinex. Stay Tuned here for buying jio coins guidelines with step by step techniques.

Right now its time to spread out the information to your friends using facebook, twitter etc. In case you get any question relating to Jio Coin launch date, price, buy, ICO etc. then feel free to post below. Even, stay tuned to us as we may modify the whole post after the official launch.

Although there is no formal notification, It is assumed. Primarily, Reliance Jio might just introduce their cryptocurrency on JioMoney app in which you may be able to buy Jio Coins using your wallet balance. Yet after few days, it could become offered for purchase on popular exchanges like Bittrex. Stay connected to us for the complete buying guide.

Now its time to spread the news to your friends using facebook, twitter etc. If you have any question regarding JioCoin launch date, price, buy, ICO etc. then feel to comment below. Also, stay tuned to us as we will update the whole article after the official launch.

As the Jio Coin is not yet official as a cryptocurrency, so there is no way for anyone to buy Jio Coin as of now. However, we can expect Jio’s official website to receive an update soon regarding this advancement. Most probably the customers would be able to purchase coin’s from jio.com.


Jio Coin Price Prediction , ICO

It is important to know the price before investing in something so why can’t you think about the Jio coin pricing and yes it is important to know, but in fact officially it is not yet revealed the pricing of the Jio coin and once it is updated with the Jio coin launching date, pricing, features, and specification of Jio coin Cryptocurrency market, stay tuned with the us and be the first to know.

It’s not officially confirmed but many peoples are eager to know what would be jio coin price? To all of them, I want to say, Guys, it is not officially confirmed to please keep some patience and be with TechkyUniverse because whenever I will get jio coin price I’ll update it here and be aware from fraud websites.


What is a Blockchain?


A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public spaces ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Continuously expanding as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in sequential order, it allows market participators to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping. Each node (a computer connected to the network) gets a copy of the blockchain, which is downloaded automatically.

All cryptocurrency work on blockchain technology principal. It maintains all the transaction visible into the decentralized network when are simply secured by the algorithms of cryptography. Bitcoin is the very most popular cryptocurrency that is worth near about $20,000 per coin in past few days.

Jio is even focusing to enter the IoT space, which are the wirelessly interconnected gadgets like smartphones, home appliances etc. These types of gadgets require the high-speed internet connectivity which is already developed by Jio. Jio stands # 1 place of 4G internet speed in TRAI’s list.

Indeed as cryptocurrency valuations soar worldwide, the Indian government is wary and warning for digital currencies. Some other countries also get a careful method towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. South Korea’s government is apparently planning to ban local cryptocurrency exchanges.

Substantially, the Indian government has actually warned against cryptocurrency, mentioning that virtual currencies were actually not backed by assets and posed risks such as money laundering. On 2 January, finance minister Arun Jaitley said to the Rajya Sabha that the government was really still studying the problem.

Beware of Fake Jio Coin Apps


Google Play store has been flooded with several fake Jio Coin apps claiming trade or buy/sell the cryptocurrency. In fact, there is no official confirmation, Reliance Jio said in a statement “There are no such apps offered by the company or its affiliates/ associates. Any such apps using the JioCoin name are fake and people are advised to refrain from dealing with any of them”.

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